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Our Mission Statement is:

'To educate each and every unique child in our care, to hear and respond to what God calls them to be'

Careers Education, Guidance and Employability play an important part in the lives of pupils at Saint John Wall. 网上正规的彩票网站网上正规的彩票网站的目的是通过为学生提供技能和知识来实现网上正规的彩票网站的使命,以便他们在接下来的步骤中做出明智和明智的选择, and to prepare them for the future vocation to which God is calling them. 
网上正规的彩票网站支持学生的教育之旅时,网上正规的彩票网站提供关于职业(BTEC和学徒)和学术(A Level)科目的16后教育和培训的愿望和指导. We also ensure pupils have work-related experiences, employer talks and visits to gain an idea of career opportunities and types of employment. 

网上正规的彩票网站网上正规的彩票网站的学习资源中心有一个职业部分,包括一系列来自大学的招股说明书, Colleges and Sixth Forms. We are members of the Birmingham Careers Hub, and we employ an independent Careers Advisor. 


该计划每年使用Compass+工具和学生在线评估进行审查,以确保它是最新的, 适当的提供者正在访问学校,公正有效地分享信息. 

Our Careers Leader at Saint John Wall Catholic School is Mrs Crooks

Our Careers Advisor at Saint John Wall Catholic School is Tina Smith

Contact Details: 0121 554 1825    



Year 7

Year 7

To strengthen motivation, aspirations, 从网上正规的彩票网站在圣约翰沃尔天主教学校的七年级之旅的一开始就取得成就, we invite each pupil to whole heartily participate in our careers programme. 在这个学年,这需要一个重新发现自己的机会,在一个项目中,重点是“关于我的一切”,反映网上正规的彩票网站的使命宣言“上帝召唤我成为什么”?' and work alongside 'Talk the Talk' who encourage pupils to hone their skills in oracy, leading to more confidence in their communication skills. Pupils will also learn vital life skills such as First Aid, healthy eating, management of their social, emotional, and mental health, and stewardship through their Lifestyle Lessons.

Year 8

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils are beginning to consider their pathways subjects. To prepare them for this next step on the journey to their vocation, pupils will have the opportunity to discuss their skills and personal qualities in form. 形式活动将为学生提供机会,通过前瞻性规划和识别技能组合之间的直接联系,发展他们对选项过程的理解, subjects, and careers. 
所有八年级的学生都将有机会与学校的独立职业顾问进行面试,他们所学到的品质将在全年的跨网上正规的彩票网站假期主题日中得到培养,使他们从七年级开始思考“上帝召唤我成为什么样的人”?' from our school mission statement. 由于今年的天主教生活焦点是“播种者的寓言”,所以网上正规的彩票网站将关注秋季的卓越, Achievement in Spring and Respect in the Summer term. 

In an addition to our Lifestyle lessons, 网上正规的彩票网站现在已经介绍了基本的急救知识,以及有针对性的识字和算术网上正规的彩票网站以及生活技能, healthy mind, and healthy body. Year 8 are also learning about Democracy, Crime and Law, 金钱问题和就业这将支持学生发展和学习未来所需的新技能.

Year 9

Year 9


Pupils will have had thoughts into thinking about what career or vocation they are interested in.  但如果没有,网上正规的彩票网站的学生在本学年有很多机会来反思和规划未来.

在实践网上正规的彩票网站的使命宣言“每一个独特的孩子”中,学生不是一刀切的. 网上正规的彩票网站都有不同的兴趣和技能,网上正规的彩票网站将为学生提供进一步探索的机会.  学生们将有时间通过观看视频和完成各种各样的活动来讨论他们长大后想要从事的工作类型需要什么技能.

We invite pupil to look at this website to make an account on there and investigate different career choices.

We are already planning for colleges, 参观者和工作坊负责人将围绕职业和职业主题进入学校.  If you request extra support, we can try to arrange interviews with careers advisers, to further support your journey in education and beyond.

Year 10

Year 10

当学生开始二年级的选修课学习时,他们将有机会参加学校内外的各种活动. 他们将能够参观大学,进行体验日,让他们能够思考16岁后的教育. 将会有六年级的大学领导集体崇拜,解释他们能提供什么. 学生们也可以去旅行,以丰富他们对不同职业选择的知识. 16岁后的教育机构和雇主将在学校举办招聘会,让学生们能够提出问题,并了解更多关于他们离开学校后可以得到什么的信息. It is vital, 每年网上正规的彩票网站的学生都有机会反思网上正规的彩票网站的使命宣言,特别是“上帝召唤我成为什么样的人”?'

Year 11

Year 11

In Year 11 pupils are on the home stretch.  在网上正规的彩票网站为学生的下一步做好充分准备的同时,网上正规的彩票网站还将为他们提供职业信息和就业机会.  Careers programme supports and builds on the extensive opportunities provided in Years 7-10. Year 11 are the priority for independent career interviews. They meet with a qualified, independent careers adviser for a one to one interview. The rota is decided initially based on assessment results and pastoral observation. In these meetings Post 16 options are discussed as well as routes into Higher Education. 在工作培训和职业网上正规的彩票网站中,也与希望早日进入工作的学生讨论. 

Multiple talks on post 16 education are provided by local and catholic sixth forms. These take place during collective worship and on cross-curricular days. 学院被邀请到学校与学生见面,在可能的情况下,网上正规的彩票网站的学生参观学院和六年级,以帮助他们了解他们的选择. The open days for post 16 are shared as soon as they become available and are publicised. This happens throughout the year. Deadlines for sixth form and college applications are well publicised.  
学生们还参加了以简历写作和模拟面试为重点的跨网上正规的彩票网站日,为16岁后的面试做准备,以及参加招聘会和模拟大学面试.  网上正规的彩票网站支持网上正规的彩票网站所有的学生反思他们的下一步,他们的道路需要他们特别庆祝“上帝召唤他们成为什么”.

  • For our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance CEIAG Policy - click here

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